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Enrichment Counseling & Consultation offers a wide-range of therapy services for children, teenagers, couples/families, and individual adults. Through strengths-based interventions and life skill development, clients feel empowered to make meaningful and lasting changes toward their own personal betterment.

Services are offered both in-office AND through telehealth technology. Contact our office today to determine which therapy delivery option is best for you!

Child & Adolescent Therapy

- Coping & Adjustments

- Anger Management

- Depression & Anxiety

- Grief

- Trauma

- Divorce

- Grief/Loss

- School Performance


- Interpersonal Skill Development

- Self-esteem

- Identity

- Relationships



Couples & Family Therapy


​- Communication Improvements

- Boundary Setting

- Trust and Healing

- Divorce/Blended Homes

- Stage of Life Issues

- Family Systems Work

- Parenting Strategies

- Codependency Concerns


Individual Adult


- Grief/Loss

- Stage of Life Concerns

- Wellness/Well-being

- Grief

- Trauma

- Body Image
- Identity Development

- Valued Living
- Relationship Improvements

- Goal Setting

- Career Decision Making

- Work/Life Balance


Individual or Couples/Family Therapy Sessions


- 50 minutes

- $100



- 75 minutes

- $150



If you have insurance, we will provide you with the documentation needed to submit your claim for out-of-network reimbursement.


Most Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are also eligible methods of payment!

Sliding scale fees can be arranged based on therapist availability. Email to inquire.



A collaborative model of change:


There is not just one way to live the best life possible.  At Enrichment Counseling & Consultation, we believe the best interventions are the ones that invite clients to be actively involved in their goal setting and vision for improved living.  By discovering strengths, enhancing skills, and improving coping, clients are better equipped to manage the challenges of daily living. We are committed to helping clients focus on well-being, meaningful experiences, and values-based living for long-term commitment to change.

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