• Dr. Bea Keller-Dupree

Be Well…Even (and especially) in a Crisis

March 24, 2020

By Dr. Bea Keller-Dupree

Uncertain times can lead to uncertain feelings. Currently, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic is creating great uncertainty individually, in our families, within our country, and across our world. I hear the collective sadness and grief that we are all experiencing. Brides and grooms postponing weddings. Seniors missing hallmark events before graduation. Local business owners downsizing, or in some cases, closing their industry doors. Family members electing to not visit loved ones due to increased health risk exposure. I suspect every single one of us holds a dispirited story of how this emerging health crisis has personally impacted us. This situation is hard; there is simply no way to soften the edges to that truth.

It’s easy in these moments to spiral into our fears and lose sight of our strengths and resources. While there are many experiences and outcomes with which we have very little control, there are also innumerable daily choices that we can make to empower our sense of control. Promoting our well-being is one of those daily choices. Small intentional choices to improve our well-being even – and perhaps especially – in a crisis can create a ripple effect, with the end result being improved daily living and life satisfaction. Just to get your wheels turning, I’ve created a simple graphic to highlight some of those choices of daily living (see below).

  • Go outside.

  • Pursue experiences that help you feel good.

  • Move your body.

  • Attend to your time.

  • Set a goal.

I leave this post with a question for you: How can you invest in yourself during this time of uncertainty? How can you use a crisis to become a catalyst for improved living?

Be well…


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